I Blogged My Way to the Bank

I Blogged My Way to the Bank

Author: Bob Duryee

For anybody anxious to make more income, the Internet is in all likelihood the richest origin of business opportunities, and blogging is one such extraordinary chance to yield revenue with low costs and minuscule effort. How is blog money conceivable?

In the beginning blogging originated as the modern online journal, but it developed towards fresh forms that currently furnish both personalized expression and lucrative rewards. Let’s have a look at 2 primary methods to change a log into a home business. The beginning point for all internet commercial activity is the existence of a highly intriguing web page.

Anybody running some form of line of work that may profit from online promotion could select blogging as an important form of promoting. A blog targets a particular audience segment, those folks interested in either products or services you provide.

My Blogging To The Bank 3 Review

A blogger had better therefore produce a extremely unique web page with content that’s pertinent for his or her area of activity. There could be references to the advertised products, or only links to them. Almost all business owners who make use of the income blogging bestows, prefer to include different options on the pages.

1st and foremost, you want to make internet search workable directly from your blog, therefore, you will want to employ one of the Google programs that will enable such facilities. And then, any web log visitor ought to have a nominal level of independence when he or she has landed on your web site, meaning that they should be permitted to execute actions: download files, documents and pictures, post their comments or merely subscribe for regular updates. For you to make blogging lucrative, you should keep a close watch over the traffic the blog undergoes, and perpetually monitor how good it ranks in search engine rankings.

Finally, blogging is also profitable for those who do not own a business to promote, you might in reality make income by allowing for ads and banners associated with your niche. By the inter mediator of the Google advertising programs, Adwords and Adsense, you’ll get paid for each click a visitor makes on a particular ad, or every time someone executes a certain action on the blog.

You will have to abide by the Google Adwords or Adsense instructions and use them on the blog pages; the better way to yield money under such conditions is to make certain your blog appears on the 1st result page of the search engines, and the blog money should start rolling in.

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About the Author

Entrepreneur Bob gives product reviews on new internet marketing products. His blog is: www.myentrepreneur.info

List Of High Paying Adsense Keywords

List of high paying adsense keywords to maximise your income.

1. Structured settlements
2. Mesothelioma
3. Acne
4. Life Insurance
5. Death Insurance
6. Bextra
7. Asbestos
8. Car Insurance
9. Dental Plans
10. Private Jets
11. Debt Consolidation
12. Credit Cards
13. Rewards Cards
14. Equity Loans
15. Equity Line Credit
16. Loans
17. Mortgages
18. Pay Day Loans
19. Cash Advance
20. Bankruptcy
21. Reduce Debt
22. Refinance
23. Jet Charter
24. Vioxx
25. Wrongful death
26. Legal Advice
27. Taxes
28. Investing
29. Bonds
30. Online Trading
31. IRA Rollover
32. Refinance Quotes
33. Adult Education
34. Distance Learning
35. Alcohol Treatment
36. Rehab
37. Drug Rehab
38. Spyware
39. Cell Phone Plans
40. Calling Cards
41. VOIP
42. Weight Loss
43. Canadian Pharmacy
44. Depression
45. Spam Filter
46. Lasik
47. Facelift
48. Teeth Whitening
49. Annuity
50. Anti Virus Protection
51. Adult Diaper
52. Free Credit Report
53. Credit Score
54. Satellite
55. Anti Spam Software
56. Dedicated Hosting
57. Domain Name
58. Need Money
59. Bachelor Degree
60. Master Degree
61. Doctorate Degree
62. Work at Home
63. Quick Book
64. Extra Money
65. Eloan
66. Malpractice Lawyer
67. Lenox China
68. Cancer
69. Payperclick
70. Personal Injury Attorney
71. Lexington Law
72. Video Conferencing
73. Transfer Money
74. Windstar Cruise
75. Casinos Online
76. Term Life
77. Online Banking
78. Borrow Money
79. Low Interest Credit Cards
80. Personal Domain Name
81. Cellular Phone Rental
82. Internet Broker
83. Trans Union
84. Cheap Hosting
85. University Degrees Online
86. Online Marketing
87. Consolidate
88. Helpdesk Software
89. Web Host
90. Homeowner's Insurance
91. Yellow Page Advertising
92. Travel Insurance
93. Register Domain
94. Credit Counseling
95. Email Hosting
96. Business Credit
97. Consumer Credit
98. Blue Cross
99. Laptop Computer

Make Money Online Lesson-8 Final Tweakings

Final Tweakings To Your Blog

  1. Write quality content posts daily.
  2. After a post is published ping your blog at pingomatic.com or pingoat.com. Enter your blog name,url and then click send pings. By Pinging your are letting the search engines know that a new post is published and need to be indexed.
  3. Find high rank pages which allows comments and comment often.
  4. Post in forums,classifieds and be active in social networking websites like Twitter,Facebook,Orkut,Myspace etc..
  5. Email marketing is an effective way to promote your blog.
  6. Make sure that your posts are keyword optimized.
  7. Let all your friends know about your blog and they will forward the blog url to their friends and it will keep growing.
  8. Imagine blog as a seed. By providing proper water,climate,sunlight and maintaining it will grow into a large tree. Your blog is too like a seed.
  9. So start growing your blog.
  10. From now on you are ready to make money online from your fully developed blog and earn extra money online for a life time.

If you haven't read all the lessons from start DO IT NOW.

Make Money Online Lesson-7 Articles Submitting.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is one of the old,trusted and free method to boost your traffic to your blog or website. There are thousands of free article directories which you can submit your articles. We will focus on Top 10 Ranked article directories. Follow the steps below to increase your traffic to your blog free and fast.

  1. Write an article related to your blog topic with 500 to 600 words. Use short paragraphs and make sure you add keywords in first paragraph.
  2. Your article must have an Introduction, A problem, Causes of that problem, Solution to that problem and then they should take action.
  3. In every article a resource box or author's box will be provided for you. Fill with a short description about your blog and your url link. This will be at the end of articles. So be innovative here to make people click on your url link. Something like ' Find out more ways here' or 'visit my blog for more secrets'.
  4. Make sure your content is unique and well written. Getting accepted by top article directories is a bit of task.
  5. Ezine articles and Go articles are the key to get more traffic. Because Google rank these two sites very highly.
  6. Here is a list of top 10 article directories.
  • ezinearticles.com
  • ehow.com
  • ArticlesBase.com
  • buzzle.com
  • goarticles.com
  • webpronews.com
  • helium.com
  • articlealley.com
  • articledashboard.com
  • articlesnatch.com

After the article gets accepted get the link of your article from ezine and post in your blog. The more articles you submit, more backlinks from high ranking websites and more traffic.

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