Make Money Online Lesson-8 Final Tweakings

Final Tweakings To Your Blog

  1. Write quality content posts daily.
  2. After a post is published ping your blog at or Enter your blog name,url and then click send pings. By Pinging your are letting the search engines know that a new post is published and need to be indexed.
  3. Find high rank pages which allows comments and comment often.
  4. Post in forums,classifieds and be active in social networking websites like Twitter,Facebook,Orkut,Myspace etc..
  5. Email marketing is an effective way to promote your blog.
  6. Make sure that your posts are keyword optimized.
  7. Let all your friends know about your blog and they will forward the blog url to their friends and it will keep growing.
  8. Imagine blog as a seed. By providing proper water,climate,sunlight and maintaining it will grow into a large tree. Your blog is too like a seed.
  9. So start growing your blog.
  10. From now on you are ready to make money online from your fully developed blog and earn extra money online for a life time.

If you haven't read all the lessons from start DO IT NOW.

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