Make Money Online Lesson-8 Final Tweakings

Final Tweakings To Your Blog

  1. Write quality content posts daily.
  2. After a post is published ping your blog at or Enter your blog name,url and then click send pings. By Pinging your are letting the search engines know that a new post is published and need to be indexed.
  3. Find high rank pages which allows comments and comment often.
  4. Post in forums,classifieds and be active in social networking websites like Twitter,Facebook,Orkut,Myspace etc..
  5. Email marketing is an effective way to promote your blog.
  6. Make sure that your posts are keyword optimized.
  7. Let all your friends know about your blog and they will forward the blog url to their friends and it will keep growing.
  8. Imagine blog as a seed. By providing proper water,climate,sunlight and maintaining it will grow into a large tree. Your blog is too like a seed.
  9. So start growing your blog.
  10. From now on you are ready to make money online from your fully developed blog and earn extra money online for a life time.

If you haven't read all the lessons from start DO IT NOW.

Make Money Online Lesson-7 Articles Submitting.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is one of the old,trusted and free method to boost your traffic to your blog or website. There are thousands of free article directories which you can submit your articles. We will focus on Top 10 Ranked article directories. Follow the steps below to increase your traffic to your blog free and fast.

  1. Write an article related to your blog topic with 500 to 600 words. Use short paragraphs and make sure you add keywords in first paragraph.
  2. Your article must have an Introduction, A problem, Causes of that problem, Solution to that problem and then they should take action.
  3. In every article a resource box or author's box will be provided for you. Fill with a short description about your blog and your url link. This will be at the end of articles. So be innovative here to make people click on your url link. Something like ' Find out more ways here' or 'visit my blog for more secrets'.
  4. Make sure your content is unique and well written. Getting accepted by top article directories is a bit of task.
  5. Ezine articles and Go articles are the key to get more traffic. Because Google rank these two sites very highly.
  6. Here is a list of top 10 article directories.

After the article gets accepted get the link of your article from ezine and post in your blog. The more articles you submit, more backlinks from high ranking websites and more traffic.

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Make Money Online Lesson-6 Social Bookmarking

Submit Your Blog To Social Bookmarking Websites.

Social Bookmarking is a facility for internet users to share,save and organize their favourite websites or blogs in the web itself. Most of the social bookmarking websites are in the web 2.0 category, so they have high ranks in major search engines. Short description about your website,blog or post is bookmarked by providing a interesting title and short description. If people like your story they will vote for it. More vote means higher page ranks and thus more traffic.

Sky rocket your search engine rankings

  1. Bookmark every post in your blog to major social bookmarking websites like Digg,Google Bookmarks,Stumble Upon,Reditt,Yahoo etc..

  2. Place a bookmarking button in your blog. If your reader finds it interesting ,he or she can bookmark it.

  3. Search engines will find your blog and new post easily and fast.

  4. A bookmark can be considered as a backlink. So a backlink from high ranked social bookmarking websites is like gold.

  5. Its free to use more than 500 social bookmarking websites, the more sites you enter your url the more backlinks.

  6. Socialmarker can be very useful. Enter your title,url,description and keywords once and you have to register ,then it will bookmark automatically to about 50 websites.
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Make Money Online Lesson-5- Submit To Blog Directories

Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories

Getting your blog in first pages of search engines takes some hardwork. Submitting your blog to search engines is the first step. After that your blog should be submitted to Popular blog directories. You should have a healthy blog with minimum 25 post and healthy backlinks before submitting to blog directories. Here is a list of Top 20 Blog directories where you must submit your blog. As these blog directories are highly ranked, its not easy to get accepted. But if you have a healthy and updating blog it will be easy to get accepted. A link from these Super Blogs to your blog will be like Gold. So try to get into it.

Top 20 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog

  1. Best of Web Blogs
  2. Bloggeries
  3. Eat On Web
  4. On Top List
  5. Blogged
  6. Blog Search Engine
  7. Blog Catalog
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. British Blog Directory
  10. Blog Universe
  11. Bigger Blogger
  12. Blogger Nitty
  13. Bloggapedia
  14. SpillBean
  15. Blogging Fusion
  16. Blog Flux
  17. Blog Listing
  18. Blogio
  19. Blog Explosion
  20. Super Blog Directory

These are only a piece from the large world of blog directories. There are numerous numbers of them. But if you get a link from this list it should help your search engine rankings effectively. So start submitting.

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Make Money Online Lesson-4 Search Engine Submission

How to Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

Your blog post is now backed up by 100 backlinks by commenting on other blogs. Right? We will now advance towards more interesting and important stages.

Your Job is simple. Create 1 post and build 10 backlinks to support your post.
Remember to add at least 5 relevant keywords in each of your post sentences and it must blend to the idea that you are writing.

Write at least 3 post in a day and build backlinks to each post. This now is a routine job at least for 1 month. At the end of 1 month when you look back you will have 90 post well backed up by 900 backlinks. (Many comments will be rejected, so the number will be less. But no need to bother about it.Do your job and hope for the best). Remember - A healthy blog is one which is updated regularly.

After writing 10 post and getting 100 backlinks its time to submit your blog to search engines.

Go to Google and type
Add url to Google-then submit your blog url
Add url to Yahoo
Add url to MSN
These three are the giants of search engines. So do these manually.

Go to ,which offers a free automatic submission to over 40 search engines. Provide your blog url,blog name,description and keywords.

It takes a while for search engines to display your blog on searches. So keep your daily routine of posting 3 good post keep going.

Search engine submission only takes few minutes.
So next we will concentrate on finding the proper keywords ,including more in your posts and the ideas to become a professional web content writer.

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Make Money Blogging Lesson-3 Get Backlinks To Your Blog

More Backlinks And More Traffic
Hope you have posted the below mentioned posts
1. About Me
2. Contact Me
3. Privacy Policy
4. Your First Content post.
Your content post must have an authority in the eyes of search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn checks the number of links to that post from other websites. This links are called backlinks. Another website won't publish your blog link freely or without having a Strong reason.
So here is a easy and free way to get more backlinks.
  1. Search in google-google blog search and go to
  2. Search your keyword or topic to find out related blogs to your topic.
  3. You will get 10 results in 1 page. Open all that 10 windows in a new tab.
  4. Simply check the topics of one blog and below the post there will be comments box.
  5. You need to provide your name (give your blogs name), email address,your url. For example your blog url is Your content post title is Basics of blogging. Open that post in a new window and copy the url of that window. Provide that url to the comments box url.
  6. Then in the comments area type comments related to what is in that post. So it is good to read little bit of that post. Try to give your opinions or argue with the post contents.
  7. By doing this you achieve two things. One is when some one read the comments of that blog and saw your comments and name, when he clicks that link he will be directed to your blog post. So you got some traffic from another blog. Second advantage is your link is in another blog or website, so its a backlink. When the links are from google high ranked blogs then it is much better.
  8. Many blogs need to sign up before you can comment.Just close that blog and move to another. If you can log in with your google id then its OK. Remember, some blog owners will reject your comments,but we can't do anything about it. The more relevant your comments the less they will reject.
  9. So 10 blogs =10 comments=10 backlinks.
  10. More backlinks you have the higher you will rank in search engines. So go with 10 blogs from google blog search. Thus you have 10 backlinks.
So after a post you must do this. Add at least 10 good quality content posts and create backlinks to each post as described.
DO THIS FIRST. Next we will send our blogs to Internet World Wide.
Yes you need to work little hard here. But later you can relax as money will flows into your account.

Make Money Blogging Lesson-2 Start Blogging

So lets start Blogging

Sign in to using your Gmail ID.

Provide a name for your blog. Always better to include your keywords in your blog name,keep it short as possible and attractive.
Type a blog url including your long keywords like 'learn-blogging-the-easy-way'. Pick the right url related to your topic. Select whether it is available or not.
Then click continue.

Wow.. Your blog is created and you can start blogging.


Create a new post.
First create a About Me post. Give a nice introduction about yourself in your own style.
Second create a Contact Me post and provide your email id.
Third create a Privacy Policy post. Check out other privacy policy pages and include some lines.
Now start creating your own topics of interest. Always provide a good title, think what people will search in google about that topic.
Make your sentences short and interesting. Always try to be personal. After a good 400 to 500 words of post, type some labels for your post. This is very important because search engines uses these labels to find your blog while search. Provide good 5 to 7 keywords related to your post.
Check out the toolbar in the post window. Use that to add images and format your post.
Always use a check spelling available in the tool bar.
After all these done correctly click publish.
View your blog in a new window and save your blog url.


Try to get used with the blogger interface. Click on Add Gadget and you can see a wide range of gadgets available to you. Don't overload them, use wisely.

Now your post needs some authority in search engines. Read the upcoming lessons.
You can subscribe to my feeds, so that you will receive emails when a new post is published.
Start blogging now.

Watch The Blogger Basics video On YouTube

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Make Money Blogging-Lesson-1 The Basics

The Blogging Basics
Yes. What I meant easy way is related to many things. The first advantage is , you can start blogging now and without any investment. Second is that you don’t need any previous experience to start blogging. Blogging is not a make quick money sort of thing. It needs daily routine work and a passion for it. Then it will turn as a lifetime income opportunity. Before starting the blogging basics let me give some quick tips for beginners.

Tips for newbie bloggers

1 Only choose your area of interest to blog.
2 Write the way you enjoy the most.
3 Do not got for 10 post a day. Just 1 post a day.
4. Keep in mind that you are starting blogging as a hobby and then meanwhile converting into a lifelong income method.
5 Keep your sentences short and simple.
6. Make it little humorous for your readers.
7.Try to avoid mistakes.
8. Read others blog post about your chosen topic.
9. In the process of more and more writing you will learn to be a professional web writer.
10. Remember don’t do it to make money. Money will follow you fast if you work is good.

This is the starting of your internet empire. So start well.
Keep all this in mind and get ready for my blogging lessons.

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