Make Money Blogging-Lesson-1 The Basics

The Blogging Basics
Yes. What I meant easy way is related to many things. The first advantage is , you can start blogging now and without any investment. Second is that you don’t need any previous experience to start blogging. Blogging is not a make quick money sort of thing. It needs daily routine work and a passion for it. Then it will turn as a lifetime income opportunity. Before starting the blogging basics let me give some quick tips for beginners.

Tips for newbie bloggers

1 Only choose your area of interest to blog.
2 Write the way you enjoy the most.
3 Do not got for 10 post a day. Just 1 post a day.
4. Keep in mind that you are starting blogging as a hobby and then meanwhile converting into a lifelong income method.
5 Keep your sentences short and simple.
6. Make it little humorous for your readers.
7.Try to avoid mistakes.
8. Read others blog post about your chosen topic.
9. In the process of more and more writing you will learn to be a professional web writer.
10. Remember don’t do it to make money. Money will follow you fast if you work is good.

This is the starting of your internet empire. So start well.
Keep all this in mind and get ready for my blogging lessons.

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