Make Money Online Lesson-4 Search Engine Submission

How to Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

Your blog post is now backed up by 100 backlinks by commenting on other blogs. Right? We will now advance towards more interesting and important stages.

Your Job is simple. Create 1 post and build 10 backlinks to support your post.
Remember to add at least 5 relevant keywords in each of your post sentences and it must blend to the idea that you are writing.

Write at least 3 post in a day and build backlinks to each post. This now is a routine job at least for 1 month. At the end of 1 month when you look back you will have 90 post well backed up by 900 backlinks. (Many comments will be rejected, so the number will be less. But no need to bother about it.Do your job and hope for the best). Remember - A healthy blog is one which is updated regularly.

After writing 10 post and getting 100 backlinks its time to submit your blog to search engines.

Go to Google and type
Add url to Google-then submit your blog url
Add url to Yahoo
Add url to MSN
These three are the giants of search engines. So do these manually.

Go to ,which offers a free automatic submission to over 40 search engines. Provide your blog url,blog name,description and keywords.

It takes a while for search engines to display your blog on searches. So keep your daily routine of posting 3 good post keep going.

Search engine submission only takes few minutes.
So next we will concentrate on finding the proper keywords ,including more in your posts and the ideas to become a professional web content writer.

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