Make Money Online Lesson-5- Submit To Blog Directories

Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories

Getting your blog in first pages of search engines takes some hardwork. Submitting your blog to search engines is the first step. After that your blog should be submitted to Popular blog directories. You should have a healthy blog with minimum 25 post and healthy backlinks before submitting to blog directories. Here is a list of Top 20 Blog directories where you must submit your blog. As these blog directories are highly ranked, its not easy to get accepted. But if you have a healthy and updating blog it will be easy to get accepted. A link from these Super Blogs to your blog will be like Gold. So try to get into it.

Top 20 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog

  1. Best of Web Blogs
  2. Bloggeries
  3. Eat On Web
  4. On Top List
  5. Blogged
  6. Blog Search Engine
  7. Blog Catalog
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. British Blog Directory
  10. Blog Universe
  11. Bigger Blogger
  12. Blogger Nitty
  13. Bloggapedia
  14. SpillBean
  15. Blogging Fusion
  16. Blog Flux
  17. Blog Listing
  18. Blogio
  19. Blog Explosion
  20. Super Blog Directory

These are only a piece from the large world of blog directories. There are numerous numbers of them. But if you get a link from this list it should help your search engine rankings effectively. So start submitting.

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