Make Money Blogging Lesson-3 Get Backlinks To Your Blog

More Backlinks And More Traffic
Hope you have posted the below mentioned posts
1. About Me
2. Contact Me
3. Privacy Policy
4. Your First Content post.
Your content post must have an authority in the eyes of search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn checks the number of links to that post from other websites. This links are called backlinks. Another website won't publish your blog link freely or without having a Strong reason.
So here is a easy and free way to get more backlinks.
  1. Search in google-google blog search and go to
  2. Search your keyword or topic to find out related blogs to your topic.
  3. You will get 10 results in 1 page. Open all that 10 windows in a new tab.
  4. Simply check the topics of one blog and below the post there will be comments box.
  5. You need to provide your name (give your blogs name), email address,your url. For example your blog url is Your content post title is Basics of blogging. Open that post in a new window and copy the url of that window. Provide that url to the comments box url.
  6. Then in the comments area type comments related to what is in that post. So it is good to read little bit of that post. Try to give your opinions or argue with the post contents.
  7. By doing this you achieve two things. One is when some one read the comments of that blog and saw your comments and name, when he clicks that link he will be directed to your blog post. So you got some traffic from another blog. Second advantage is your link is in another blog or website, so its a backlink. When the links are from google high ranked blogs then it is much better.
  8. Many blogs need to sign up before you can comment.Just close that blog and move to another. If you can log in with your google id then its OK. Remember, some blog owners will reject your comments,but we can't do anything about it. The more relevant your comments the less they will reject.
  9. So 10 blogs =10 comments=10 backlinks.
  10. More backlinks you have the higher you will rank in search engines. So go with 10 blogs from google blog search. Thus you have 10 backlinks.
So after a post you must do this. Add at least 10 good quality content posts and create backlinks to each post as described.
DO THIS FIRST. Next we will send our blogs to Internet World Wide.
Yes you need to work little hard here. But later you can relax as money will flows into your account.

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